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Employment Litigation Defense

New Jersey Wrongful Termination Defense Attorneys & Employment Discrimination Defense Lawyers

Disputes with former employees can dramatically decrease a company’s productivity levels. In New Jersey, wrongful termination lawsuits can escalate into lost revenue and thousands of dollars in legal expenses. A wrongful termination lawsuit, especially one where the former employee claims discrimination, can impact workplace morale and damage the reputation of the business.  If a former employee has accused your company of wrongful termination, it is important to secure experienced legal counsel immediately.

Since 1870, Lum, Drasco & Positan has a long history of representing employers throughout New Jersey in all kinds of litigation including wrongful termination suits. We will blend our experience with practical, sound judgment to preserve your company’s best interests. Our firm’s employment law attorneys act quickly reducing the risk to customer relations and low-employee morale. Let our more than 150 years of experience work for you. Contact our New Jersey lawyers today to schedule a consultation.

New Jersey Whistleblower Defense Lawyers

Any employee who has been terminated can also claim they were fired for other inappropriate reasons, including retaliation or whistleblowing.  If a former employee alleges that he or she engaged in protected activity, such as reporting illegal conduct, and was terminated as a result of that protected activity, the employer will need an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer to vigorously defend against such a claim.  At the law office of Lum, Drasco & Positan, we understand how seriously these types of claims can affect your business reputation and operations. That is why we use our more than 150 years of experience to aggressively fight these charges and protect your company.

Founded in 1870, our law firm has been providing experienced and highly sophisticated representation to employers facing whistleblower lawsuits throughout New Jersey. Contact our employment law attorneys today to schedule a consultation.