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Employment Counseling and Labor Negotiations

HR Consultation & Training

We provide full services concerning review, drafting, implementation, and consultation concerning labor and employment policies, anti-discrimination policies, employee handbooks, employee hiring practices, employee discipline and termination, and training of employees on both supervisory and staff levels. We have also handled matters involving reduction in force (RIF), executive retirement plan (ERP) matters, the negotiation and review of employment and severance agreements.

Workplace Investigations

We have been retained by various entities as outside counsel, and as independent investigators to conduct prompt and effective workplace investigations into allegations of harassment, discrimination and wrongful workplace conduct, to render recommendations and findings with respect to the alleged conduct, and to recommend the implementation of responsive measures to remedy workplace conduct.

Collective Bargaining, Grievance Arbitration and Disputes

The firm’s attorneys negotiate collective bargaining agreements on behalf of management in both the private and public sectors, across a wide range of industries.  The firm’s attorneys have appeared on behalf of employers in the NLRB in connection with grievance-arbitration proceedings, union election campaigns, decertification proceedings, and unfair labor practice complaints. The firm is also well versed in the legal implications of various bargaining strategies, union card checks and elections and labor strikes. 

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

The firm advises clients on all matters arising under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (“OSHA).  The firm provides legal counsel to employers seeking to manage, minimize or eliminate liability under OSHA from the investigation phase through the hearing process.  Our attorneys are experienced in all facets of OSHA related matters and are equipped to provide representation to employers in at all stages of OSHA proceedings from investigation through OSHA enforcement actions.