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Civil Unions

New Jersey and New York Civil Union Attorneys

Domestic Partnership Lawyers

The Lum Firm has experience addressing the various issues that may arise in connection with civil unions. Such issues include health care determinations, dissolution, custody, parenting time, alimony, business valuations, and adoptions.

In addition to handling dissolutions of civil unions and related actions, our attorneys provide information to help clients face the various legal issues which may arise in the context of a civil union. We understand that our clients require knowledgeable and reliable counsel to provide effective advice and to zealously advocate for their rights. We treat our clients with the respect and empathy they deserve during these complex family situations.

We provide on-going matrimonial law representation that includes advocating for the full rights and benefits afforded to civil union couples. The family law attorneys at the Lum Firm have expertise in evaluating matrimonial law claims, including those claims asserted by same-sex couples.