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Child Custody

New Jersey and New York Child Custody Lawyers

Securing Children's Best Interests in Family Law

At the law office of Lum, Drasco & Positan, we are committed to protecting your rights and preserving the best interests of your children. The family law attorneys at our firm offer a compassionate approach tempered with judgment when handling emotionally-sensitive issues, including child custody and child support.

Our law firm was founded in 1870 to address the dynamic needs of our clients. We have remained committed to offering legal solutions based on our clients’ current and future needs. The child custody attorneys at our firm will tailor their approach based on your family’s unique circumstances. Contact our law firm today for guidance in New Jersey and New York custody matters.

Honest and Compassionate Child Custody Attorneys

The child custody attorneys at our firm have gained a reputation for their skilled, empathetic, and straightforward representation. We assist families with a variety of family law matters, such as:

  • Child custody: Joint legal custody grants parents the right to make legal decisions about their children’s medical needs, including issues about their dental or health insurance. Joint physical custody involves the actual residence of the children. Commonly, both parents are being awarded with joint physical and legal custody. We are experienced in negotiating and drafting joint custody agreements.
  • Parenting time: It is important for children to maintain a relationship with each parent unless special circumstances exist. We will protect your rights to ensure that visitation/parenting time schedules are appropriate and feasible for your schedule.
  • Child support: Although generally determined based on specific formula child support guidelines, there are contributing factors, such as sports equipment, day care costs, school lunches, medical care, and other income factors, which may alter support payments. We can help ensure that the child support awarded reflects your individual circumstances.
  • Relocation: Relocation can impact the relationship a child has with a noncustodial parent. Therefore, unless voluntarily agreed upon, it is necessary to gain court approval for a parent to move out of state. We have successfully represented clients in pursuing and challenging relocation motions.
  • Modifications: Family circumstances are never static. Therefore, we assist families in renegotiating and modifying existing orders and agreements, such as child custody, child support, and parenting time agreements.

Resolving Child Custody Legal Issues

Contested divorces and child custody disputes can be heart-breaking for you and your children. It is necessary to promote on-going relationships by resolving child custody matters in a mutual amicable manner, such as mediation or arbitration. Our firm’s family law attorneys can help you through the processes or pursue your interests in trial.